Diabetes patients are at risk of stroke, be careful of these symptoms

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Diabetes causes many health problems. According to the American Stroke Association, people who do not have diabetes are at a higher risk of having a stroke due to high blood sugar. Not only this, people who have pre-diabetes are also at a higher risk of stroke than those without diabetes.

Why is there a risk of stroke

Diabetes affects the body’s ability to produce insulin and its use. The job of insulin is to take glucose from the blood and deliver it to the cells. This gives energy to the body. But when insulin does not work properly, the amount of sugar in the blood starts increasing. If blood sugar is not prevented from rising for a long time, then sugar starts accumulating in the blood vessels and forms clots or fat starts depositing. These clots form in the vessels going to the neck and brain. Due to which the blood vessels start shrinking and the risk of stroke increases.

Stroke symptoms

If immediate treatment is done on the symptoms of stroke, the risk can be reduced. These symptoms start appearing in the body when a stroke occurs.

Weakness, numbness on one side of the face

Confusion or hallucinations in the mind

Having trouble speaking

Trouble seeing in one or both eyes

Feeling faint

Difficulty in balancing the body,

Difficulty in walking

Headache without any reason

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