Do not ignore periods that have been going on for two months continuously, know the advice from the expert

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Many women have many dilemmas about their health and do not go to the doctor. Or there are some questions whose answers they do not want to tell the doctor. Such dilemmas of the mind can be resolved with the help of expert’s answers.

Question- Do all women breastfeed easily after childbirth? How do we know if a mother’s body is producing enough milk? What are some things a new mother should keep in mind to promote breastfeeding after childbirth?

-Anamika Dubey, Meerut

answer- Most women’s bodies start producing milk very easily after the birth of their child and they are in a position to breastfeed their child. Sometimes, due to some medical reasons, some women are not able to breastfeed their child after birth. Many times, in case of some special disease, the mother is also advised not to breastfeed. In case of premature birth, the body is not able to start the process of producing milk smoothly and in this situation, the child is not able to get sufficient amount of mother’s milk. If the child is breastfeeding every two hours, urinating and defecating at regular intervals and his weight is also increasing, then it will be considered that the mother’s milk is sufficient for him. Apart from this, some women extract their milk with the help of a breast pump and give it to the child through a feeder. If you have a doubt whether your body is able to produce sufficient amount of milk or not, then you can take the help of a breast pump for this. With this, you will be able to know how much amount of milk your body is able to produce at one time. Apart from this, cleaning the breast from the 36th week of pregnancy, breastfeeding the baby immediately after its birth, consuming more liquids and consuming foods that increase milk production such as cumin, carom seeds and green vegetables etc. helps the mother’s body produce more milk. If all this does not help, then as per the doctor’s advice, you can also take some medicines to overcome this problem.

Question- I am 34 years old and have two children. I have been having continuous periods for the last few months. Sometimes the bleeding is very less, sometimes a little more. But, periods have never stopped continuously for even a week. Why is this happening and what should I do?

-Ranjita Tiwari, Varanasi

answer- If you have been bleeding continuously for two months, you should immediately consult a doctor. There can be many reasons for continuous bleeding for such a long time, which can include fibroids, uterine colic, hormonal imbalance, ovarian cyst, miscarriage, etc. Sometimes bleeding occurs for a long time even due to anemia. Get ultrasound, blood test and hormone related tests done as per medical advice. After the necessary tests, the doctor will give you medicine to stop bleeding. Do not ignore it.

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