Do not make a mistake in understanding Modi, else I will expose the sins of seven generations: Prime Minister

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Hoshiarpur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the opposition alliance ‘India’ of using the army as a “tool for politics” and challenged it not to make any mistake in understanding him because if it opens its mouth, the “sins of its seven generations” will be exposed.

He was addressing his last election rally before the campaign for the seventh phase of the Lok Sabha elections ended. In this election, Modi’s sharp attacks have been the main attraction of his election campaign. While he was criticized for this, he also left no stone unturned to boost the morale of BJP supporters through it. The campaign for the 2024 elections ended on Thursday. Voting will be held in the last phase in Punjab on June 1.

Outlining his government’s efforts to make the army the most capable and self-reliant, Modi said, “When we form an army, we have to take care of everything. Whom we have to fight, who we will fight with, who we will fight with, what is its strength, the army has to be prepared accordingly. The army is not prepared only for the parade on 26th January.” He said that the army is formed for fighting, to give a tough fight to the enemy and to protect mother India.

Modi attacked the opposition ‘India’ alliance and said, “But they have made the army a political weapon. No one can commit a bigger sin than this.” He said, “I am telling the ‘Indi’ alliance members. If I am sitting silent, it means that… Do not make the mistake of understanding Modi… The day Modi opens his mouth, he will reveal the sins of your seven generations.” His attack came in the backdrop of Congress and ‘India’ alliance members targeting the central government over the Agneepath scheme. Notably, the Congress has said that if the ‘India’ alliance comes to power, it will cancel the Agneepath scheme. However, Modi did not mention this scheme in his attack. The Prime Minister often refers to the ‘India’ alliance as ‘Indi’ Alliance.

He said, “You can abuse Modi as much as you want but Modi will not tolerate this insult of the country’s armed forces.” Modi said that the Congress and ‘India’ alliance never left any stone unturned to weaken the army. Targeting the Congress, Modi mentioned the Jeep scam, Bofors, submarine and army truck scam and said that they never cared about the needs of the army. Modi alleged, “They only planned to loot and empty the government treasury by indulging in corruption.” He also accused the Congress of shelving the Tejas fighter aircraft project.

The Prime Minister said, “They kept the issue of CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) hanging for many years. These are the people who did not allow important reforms for the modernization of the army for many years.” Modi once again targeted the Congress on the issue of One Rank One Pension (OROP) and said that it lied to the ex-servicemen on this issue for 40 years. The Prime Minister said, “They throw dust in the eyes of the soldiers.” He said that it was his government that implemented OROP.

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