Do you also believe in the myths related to curd? The truth will shock you

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Eating curd in summer season is considered good for health. By eating this, the balance of good bacteria in the stomach remains fine. It is also said that this calms the heat in the stomach and improves digestion. Curd is rich in nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. But many types of myths emerge regarding this also. In such a situation, Ayurvedic expert Dr. Deeksha Bhavsar has shared some facts and myths related to curd on her Instagram. Learn-

Experts say that curd is sour in taste, hot in nature and heavy to digest. It increases fat, hence it is considered good for those who want to gain weight. This improves strength and increases phlegm and pitta.

– It’s cold.

-You can eat curd at night.

– Curd helps in weight loss.

– Curd can be easily digested.

– Eat curd in summer.

– Good for diabetic patients.

Ayurvedic facts about curd

– When there is a cold, it is often advised to heat curd and eat it. However, it loses its properties due to heating.

– People with obesity, cough disorders, bleeding disorders and inflammatory conditions are best to avoid curd.

– Curd should never be eaten at night. If you want to eat curd, eat it occasionally during the afternoon and in small quantities.

– Curd should not be eaten daily. However, buttermilk made from curd can be drunk daily. You can also add spices like rock salt, black pepper and cumin to buttermilk.

– Do not mix curd with fruits as eating it for a long time can cause metabolic problems and allergies.

– Curd is considered useless with meat and fish. Curd cooked with meat like chicken, mutton or fish increases toxins in the body.

– A small bowl is enough. Consuming it in excessive quantities can cause harm.

Ayurveda: Know some interesting facts related to curd from experts

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