Doctors are looting by declaring minor diseases as serious

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Raipur. Under the Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana, the common man has got the facility of treatment of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakh in the registered hospitals. This can be claimed only after hospitalization. But a large number of hospitals in Chhattisgarh are playing games in this. In greed for money, patients who were not serious were shown as admitted, even those who were not admitted in the hospital, money was claimed from their cards. Not only this, the extent of greed is such that the doctors not only claimed the amount of Ayushman Yojana, but also collected money from the patients. Such complaints were received, investigations were done and that investigation report is with Haribhoomi. The other aspect of this is that due to the looting hospitals, the claims of those who provide proper treatment are also stopped and due to that the scheme itself gets affected.

It is noteworthy that on one hand hospitals are crying about pending payment for treatment done under Ayushman Yojana, on the other hand they are taking advantage of the illness of the beneficiaries of the scheme and committing fraud by blocking the amount of a different package from their cards. Treatment is being done for some other disease in the hospital and the package of some other disease is being blocked. Patients with normal problems are being declared serious and information about providing them ICU and oxygen is being entered in the portal.

Sneezing and cold became serious in Raipur’s Heritage, admitted in ICU

A patient named Ratni Bai reached the hospital with cold, cough and sneezing. She was declared serious and was admitted to the ICU. Investigation revealed that there was no need to admit her to the ICU. Investigation has mentioned that documents were also tampered with to get the money for the treatment. Notice has been issued after about ten cases were found.

Similar complaints in bulk in Raipur

Complaints have been received about claiming money from cards by showing patients admitted in many hospitals of Raipur. Similar complaints have been investigated in many hospitals like Super Specialty Hospital, CIMT Hospital, Heritage Hospital, Satyam Hospital, Shri Ram Multi Specialty Hospital, Ankur Hospital, Sai Samarth Hospital. Money has been claimed from cards by showing normal patients admitted in ICU. Patients have been admitted in Saraf ENT Hospital, Prabha Hospital and Trauma Care, Omkar Hospital, RB Institute, Yashoda Hospital, RB Hospital, Kims Hospital of Bilaspur and money has been claimed. There are also complaints that different claims have been made by showing treatment of the same disease. They will have to respond within three days. Action will be taken on the basis of the response.

There are complaints across the state

Ekta Hospital of Kondagaon, Shiv Amrita Hospital, Daksh Hospital of Bilaigarh, Maa Yashoda Hospital of Gariaband, Jai Patai Mata Hospital of Mahasamud, Shri Ram Hospital, Shri Uttam Sai Care Hospital, Krishna Hospital of Durg have similar complaints.

Monitoring at District and State Level

Complaints regarding irregularities in the name of health scheme in hospitals and dissatisfaction with the treatment system can be made at the district and state level offices. Teams have been formed at the district and state level to investigate this. Apart from this, information is being collected from patients admitted for treatment under the scheme through 104 Arogya Seva.

Five cases in Kondagaon’s Ekta

A patient named Uma Sagar in Kondagaon’s Ekta Hospital complained of weakness, vomiting and lack of appetite. She was examined in the OPD but money was claimed by showing her as admitted. There are 5 complaints against this hospital. They have been investigated. A notice has been issued and a reply has been sought.

Money taken from patient in Yashoda Children’s of Raipur

A girl named Pranjali was admitted. Her card was not used for two days. Treatment was refused. She was admitted for two days and then cash was taken from her. Money was taken separately in the name of tests. Investigation revealed that the card was not used intentionally.

Claim money without admitting patient in Mahasamund

Shriram Hospital is the Jhalap Hospital of Mahasamund. There are serious allegations against it. A patient named Chetan was not admitted here. The hospital claimed money under the Ayushman Yojana. But when the audit was done, it was found that the patient was not admitted. After that, a notice was issued to the hospital and a reply was sought.

The action continues unabated

State Nodal Agency Deputy Director Dr. KR Sonwani said that, as per the guidelines, action is being taken against hospitals admitting OPD patients in IPD. All CMHOs have been asked to form teams and conduct surprise inspections of hospitals where more claims of the same type are being reported.

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