Double Murder: Angered by marriage not being finalised, crazy husband kills wife and daughter

The Uncut

According to the police, Yogesh Verma has been arrested for the murder of his wife Janaki and daughter Aarti. According to the police, Yogesh was a habitual drug addict and had an eccentric temperament and was suspicious of his wife. Because of this, Yogesh used to have disputes with his wife every day. On the date of the incident, Yogesh argued with his wife, considering her the reason for not allowing Aarti’s marriage to be fixed. The dispute between husband and wife became so deep that Yogesh started beating his wife. Meanwhile, when Aarti reached the spot to intervene, Yogesh attacked both of them with an ax kept in the house and killed them. Yogesh, who was trying to escape, was caught by the villagers and handed over to the police.

wanted to marry two daughters together

According to the police, Yogesh wanted to marry his younger daughter to his elder daughter. After the marriage of the elder daughter was fixed, Yogesh got married on her Tritiya. After the marriage of the elder daughter, Yogesh was under stress as the younger daughter was not getting married. Yogesh started having a dispute with his wife over this matter. Due to this dispute, Yogesh killed his wife and daughter.

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