Election results show that BJP’s arrogance has fallen: Akhilesh

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Lucknow/Jorhat. Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav has said that the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections show that the arrogance of the BJP has collapsed, and the mandate has come against the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh. Akhilesh said that 16 ministers of the state cabinet have lost their assembly seats in the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP, which was giving the slogan of crossing 400 at the Centre, was deprived of getting an absolute majority.

In a statement issued by the party office, Yadav said that the people of Ayodhya dashed the hopes of the BJP. The people there kept groaning in pain. The BJP government displaced the poor. The displaced farmers were not given adequate compensation. No attention was paid to the rehabilitation of the people displaced from their land. As a result, the people taught a lesson.

He said, “Inflation, corruption and unemployment are not being controlled under the BJP government. Every section of society including farmers, youth, businessmen, teachers, advocates are troubled. One third of the lives of the youth have been wasted. Their future is in the dark. Agniveer Yojana should be ended immediately. The soldiers who want to join the army and their age has expired should get another chance.”

The people’s verdict is against the autocratic politics of the BJP: Gaurav Gogoi
Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi, elected from Assam’s Jorhat Lok Sabha seat, on Thursday claimed that the results of this general election have provided an “insurance policy” to the people against the alleged dictatorial politics of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He also claimed that since the BJP fails to secure a majority on its own, its NDA allies will support the opposition alliance ‘India’ and vote against the BJP on sensitive issues in Parliament.

Gogoi said in an interview to PTI-Bhasha, “The people of India have got an insurance policy (in the election results) against the alleged dictatorial politics of the BJP.” The three-time Congress MP claimed that the people have given a crushing defeat to the BJP in this election. He said, “Earlier, with an absolute majority, the BJP used to be successful in passing many bills through Parliament and standing committees, but now they will not be able to do so, because there are mainly two reasons for this.”

Gogoi said that one reason is that the BJP will have to take into account the opinion of its NDA allies. He said, “The concerns of the people of Andhra Pradesh, the concerns of JD (U) politics will now matter a lot. The BJP leadership will have to keep these things in mind while forming the government.” He said, “The second feature of the insurance policy is the number of ‘India’ alliance. We have a strong enough opposition in the Lok Sabha, which can prevent the passage of any bill that violates the spirit of the Constitution and on controversial issues we will be able to persuade some of the allies of the BJP to vote according to their conscience and protect the Constitution.” Gogoi has won the Jorhat seat in Assam by a margin of 1,44,393 votes. He claimed that JD (U) and TDP are not strong allies of the BJP.

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