Feet start giving indication of bad liver, if these symptoms are seen then get a checkup done immediately

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Liver is an essential organ of the body which works to eliminate toxins from the body. Also regulating blood sugar and producing bile that helps absorb fat and fat soluble vitamins. Not only this, it also maintains the cholesterol level in the blood. Only then, when the liver gets damaged, many health related problems start occurring. However, there are no definite initial symptoms of a problem like fatty liver. But if you are seeing such problems in your feet. So consider these as signs of liver failure and take help of right lifestyle and diet.

Symptoms of liver damage visible in the leg

Dark brown spots appear on the legs

If red and brown spots are visible on the legs and there is also a problem of spider veins, then it is a sign of problem in the circulation of the liver. In which the liver is not able to circulate the bile properly.

cracked heels

Cracked heels are usually caused by deficiency of Vitamin B3 and Omega 6.

itchy feet

Itching in feet is a symptom of liver disease. Cholestatic liver disease such as primary biliary cirrhosis. In this condition, bile gets blocked or damaged in the liver. Due to which bile starts forming in the body and itching occurs in the feet. Especially in hands and feet.

Pain in the legs

Along with pain in the feet, bad smell and feeling of burning or warmth in the feet are also symptoms of liver failure. These symptoms indicate that the liver is not able to detoxify the body’s toxins properly. Due to which toxins start accumulating in the lower body parts. And problems like pain in legs start occurring. Some liver diseases like cirrhosis cause varicose veins. Due to which there is pain in the legs.

Edema, nail fungus

If there is swelling in the feet and the skin sinks inward when a finger is placed on it, then this is called pitting edema. Besides, fungus in the toenails, these problems are also related to the stomach. These problems indicate that there is an imbalance of flora in the intestines. It is also a sign of liver failure.

Precautions can prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver from getting damaged

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