Full statehood status will be ensured to Delhi if ‘India’ coalition government is formed: Kejriwal

The Uncut

New Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday claimed that the BJP is nervous that the ‘India’ alliance will come to power at the Center after the Lok Sabha elections and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in it will ensure full statehood for the national capital. Will do.

Addressing a street meeting in Kalkaji in support of the party’s South Delhi Lok Sabha candidate Sahiram Pehalwan, Kejriwal said, “The BJP is scared of the fact that it will have to face defeat when the Lok Sabha election results are declared on June 4.” .” AAP’s national convenor said, “(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi ji is using abusive words. He called Sharad Pawar a ‘wandering soul’. Modi ji is 74 years old and Pawar ji is 84 years old. Is it appropriate for an elderly person to use such language?” Expressing hope that the ‘India’ alliance will come to power on June 4, Kejriwal said, “AAP will be a part of the government. We will ensure full statehood for Delhi. There are good government schools and hospitals in Delhi but the law and order situation is not good.”

Speaking at another election meeting in Ambedkar Nagar, the AAP national convenor said, “I have traveled across the country in the last few days and people are fed up with unemployment. But the Prime Minister is thinking who should be sent to jail. They will arrest all AAP leaders. Have we elected the Prime Minister or the Police Station Officer?” Kejriwal said, “Police do not listen to the complainants. We have improved schools and hospitals in Delhi. Now we will improve the law and order situation here.”

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