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Disadvantages of using copper utensils in summer: Copper utensils have been used for food and drink since ancient times due to its health benefits. Ayurveda also mentions many amazing benefits of drinking water from copper utensils. According to Ayurveda, drinking water from copper utensils kills the bacteria present in the water and purifies the water. Despite being so beneficial for health, do you know that a person cannot use copper utensils throughout the year? Yes, using copper utensils in summers may not benefit health but may harm it. Let us know why it is advised not to use copper utensils in summers.

Why should copper utensils not be used in summer?

In summers, the body temperature is already high. Due to which many times a person can be troubled by problems related to digestion. This is the reason why in this season, every person is advised to eat things that keep the body hydrated and cool. But copper has a hot nature. Due to which it is not considered ideal for the summer season. Cooking food in copper utensils in summer increases the amount of copper in the food, which can cause a lot of harm to health. Due to which a person may have to face many types of health problems many times.

Using copper utensils in summer can cause these problems-

In summers, the body temperature is already high. In such a situation, cooking and eating food in copper utensils can increase the body temperature even more. Due to which a person may have problems like bleeding of the nose, bloating, loss of appetite and diarrhea along with vomiting, nausea and dizziness.

Disadvantages of using copper utensils in summer-

-Milk or milk products should not be used in copper utensils. The lacto acid found in milk gets destroyed as soon as it comes in contact with copper. Keeping milk in this utensil for a long time can turn it into poison. Drinking it can cause vomiting.

– Eating and drinking sour things by keeping them in a copper vessel causes an acidic reaction, which harms the body. Due to which the person remains at risk of food poisoning.

– There are many benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel. But do not drink more than one glass of water a day in a copper vessel in summer. Drinking more water than this in a copper vessel in summer can cause digestive and skin problems.

-By cooking and eating food in a copper vessel, the body temperature can increase a lot. Due to which, problems like nose bleeding, bloating or digestion related problems can arise.

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