Hearing on Bibhav Kumar’s bail plea, Swati Maliwal cried in court…

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New Delhi: The bail plea of ​​Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s PA Bibhav Kumar was heard on Monday. AAP MP Swati Maliwal reached Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court to attend the hearing.

Bibhav Kumar’s lawyer presented arguments in his defense before the court. He mentioned the Kauravas and Draupadi during the hearing. Swati Maliwal started crying during the hearing in the court. Bibhav Kumar’s lawyer said that the sections under which the FIR has been registered against Bibhav in this case do not hold any justification.

There is no point in filing a case under IPC 308 in this case. Swati Maliwal was not called to the CM residence, she tried to forcefully enter the Chief Minister’s residence.

Bibhav’s lawyer said that Swati Maliwal was asked by the security staff to wait outside but she crossed the security zone and entered inside. The security staff has also said in their statement that Madam told me that ‘you will make the MP wait outside.’

Bibhav’s lawyer told the court that Swati Maliwal barged in saying ‘you can’t stop me like this’. After this, PA Bibhav asked on whose instructions he was allowed to enter. Bibhav should have asked this because he is also responsible for the security of the Chief Minister.

The security personnel then went inside and she was taken out with full respect. In such a situation, when does the question of such an incident arise? (As Swati is alleging) Bibhav’s lawyer asked whether being an MP gives you a license to do anything. No one had called her to the CM’s residence. Obviously, she had reached there that day as per a well thought out plan. That day she was also repeatedly asking the security staff about Bibhav.

Bibhav’s lawyer said that when Swati Maliwal was coming out, she was normal. She was not facing any problem. If something wrong had really happened to Swati, then why did she not file a complaint on the same day. Why did she file an FIR in this matter after three days?

Bibhav’s lawyer said that Swati Maliwal has been the chairperson of Delhi Women’s Commission. She is well aware of the rights of a woman. If any of her rights were violated, she should have lodged a complaint immediately. Obviously, the FIR has been lodged after three days. She has taken this decision after a lot of thought.

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