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House panel calls for tough action on terror outfits

NEW DELHI: Terrorism in India is largely sponsored from across the border. Terror outfits are provided safe havens, material support, finance and other logistic by Pakistan’s ISI. This forms part of a report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of External Affairs, titled ‘Countering global terrorism at regional and international levels.’

The report urged the Modi government to deal with the problem with all-out efforts. “The committee observed that India has been a victim of terrorism for more than three decades. The problem of terrorism in India originates from across the border with support from Pakistan’s ISI that has close ties to LeT, Jaise e-Mohammad, Hizb-ul-Mujahidden and Indian Mujahidden,” report said.

The panel suggested a comprehensive and coordinated approach to counter global terrorism. Citing the emerging forms of terrorism, the Committee of External Affairs on terrorism has urged the government to work towards “de-politicisation” of UNSC sanctions regime on listing of global terrorists. It has said that India remains a recruitment target for global terror groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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