Important news for the beneficiaries availing the Mahtari Vandan Yojana…

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Raipur: Mahtari Vandan Scheme:- This is an important news for the beneficiaries who have taken advantage of the Mahtari Vandan Yojana by giving wrong information. Now soon the ineligible beneficiaries will stop getting the benefits of this scheme. Along with this, the beneficiaries whose amount has been transferred twice in the same account will also be identified and the amount given to the ineligible beneficiaries will also be recovered.

The Women and Child Development Department has prepared to re-examine the eligibility of the beneficiaries of the Mahtari Vandan Yojana. If the investigation finds that the beneficiaries are taking the benefits of the scheme in the wrong manner, the amount will also be recovered from them. The department has decided to take this step after receiving complaints in which it has come to light that the benefits of the scheme have been taken by ineligible women.

According to departmental sources, many women employed in government service, retired or receiving pension have applied and many of them are benefiting from the scheme. There have also been cases where a single applicant has applied twice and both have been approved.

The amount is being transferred to the accounts of such women twice. In most of such cases, the applicants had used the Aadhaar card number of their husband or relatives in the application apart from their own. This was not detected during verification. The department is investigating more than 20 thousand applications with the same name. In these, the name, address and date of birth are the same.

Waiting for new application:- Many eligible women in Chhattisgarh have still not received the benefits of the scheme. They are expected to start Mahtari Vandan Yojana 2.0 after the Lok Sabha election results. The process of submitting applications was stopped as soon as the election code of conduct came into force. The first installment of Mahtari Vandan Yojana was released on March 10. PM Modi transferred an amount of Rs 655.57 crore to more than 70.14 lakh women through DBT.

More than two lakh accounts were not linked to Aadhaar:- Bank accounts of more than two lakh women who applied to avail the benefits of the scheme were not linked to Aadhaar. Due to this, women were deprived of the first installment of Mahtari Vandan Yojana. The process of linking accounts to Aadhaar continued till the last day of release of the first installment. After this, the amount was released in the second installment to the women who were deprived of the first installment.

Those who took benefit of the scheme by giving wrong information will be investigated. Officials have been instructed to maintain transparency. The process of application of beneficiaries will start soon. – Lakshmi Rajwade Minister, Women and Child Development Department

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