In Delhi, the police rented a flat in the same building where betting was going on and arrested five people

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Raipur. The capital police raided a flat in Delhi and arrested five bookies who were operating betting in IPL cricket from Anna Reddy panel associated with Mahadev Satta App. Two of the arrested bookies are from Nepal. The police have seized 22 ATM cards and four cheque books along with passbooks of half a dozen bank accounts from the possession of the bookies.

According to the police, Jeeb Narayan Pandey, a resident of Nepal, Issori Prasad Pandey along with Rohit Kshetija, a resident of Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, Ravi Shankar Singh Gond, a resident of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh and Shubham Nishad, a resident of Kabirdham have been arrested on the charge of operating the betting by taking the line of Anna Reddy R-555. The police have arrested all the five bookies on the information provided by bookie Anil Ahuja, who was earlier caught in DD Nagar police station area. According to the police, the bookies were operating the betting by renting a flat in Shiv Shakti Apartment situated in Mohan Garden, Delhi.

More than Rs 110 crores have been unearthed so far

According to the police, in this IPL season, 67 bookies have been arrested in 10 different cases related to Mahadev Satta App and betting worth Rs 110 crore has been busted. According to the police, action is being taken to freeze the money deposited in the bank. In the latest case, the police has informed that further action will be taken after investigating the accounts of the bookies.

Challenging even after continuous action

It is worth noting that the local police is constantly taking action against the Mahadev Satta app. Despite this, the bookies are challenging the police and operating the betting. The police has received information about the bookies who have been arrested that they had taken a flat on rent to operate the betting before the IPL cricket match started. Before renting the flat, the bookies had told the flat owner that they were operating their online business.

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