In the SP government, people trembled with fear, in the BJP government, the mafia trembles with fear: Prime Minister Modi

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Mirzapur. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked the Samajwadi Party (SP), saying that it has defamed Mirzapur and has made the entire Uttar Pradesh and Purvanchal a “haven” for the mafia. He called the opposition alliance ‘India’ communal and casteist and claimed that it has decided to change the Constitution to give reservation to Muslims.
Attacking SP, Modi said that the people associated with it are hostile towards law and order.

Prime Minister Modi was addressing a joint election rally in support of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) constituent ‘Apna Dal’ candidate from Mirzapur Lok Sabha constituency and Union Minister Anupriya Patel and Robertsganj candidate Rinki Kol at Barkachha Kalan on Madihaan Road here on Sunday.

He alleged, “For decades, the country has suffered bomb blasts, terrorism has destroyed hundreds of lives and the SP people used to say that law and order and the Samajwadi Party have a ’36 figure’. The terrorists who were caught were also released by these SP people. If the police officer showed reluctance, the SP people used to suspend him.” The Prime Minister accused the SP of defaming Mirzapur and “turning Uttar Pradesh and Purvanchal into a haven for the mafia”. He said that in the SP government, people used to tremble with fear but in the BJP government, the mafia trembles with fear.

He said that Samajwadi Party (SP)-Congress is dedicated to vote bank while Modi is dedicated to the rights of backward and poor people. Modi said, “The people of the country have recognized the people of ‘India’ alliance. These people are staunch communalists, casteists and familyists. Whenever their government is formed, they will take a decision on this basis.” Modi claimed, “In 2012, during the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, SP had released its manifesto in January. Then SP had said in its manifesto that just like Dalits and backward people have got reservation, Muslims will also be given reservation. SP had said boldly that it will change the constitution for this.”

He said, “In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, SP again released its manifesto and in it, SP again announced to give reservation to Muslims. Not only this, SP had announced that 15 percent reservation will be given to Muslims in police and PAC as well.” Describing himself as belonging to the backward class, Modi said, “The High Court and Supreme Court never allowed their plans to be fulfilled, so now the ‘India’ people have found the last resort to give SC, ST, OBC reservation to Muslims and their last resort is to change the Constitution, they will write in the Constitution that Muslims will be given reservation, that is why these people want to change the Constitution.” In the context of ‘India’ (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) alliance making five Prime Ministers in five years, he said that even if a small house has to be built, the mason is not changed again and again.

Modi told the people gathered in the rally, “Today I will not give a speech but will talk to you. When we build a house and hire a worker, does any common man do this while hiring a mason that one month this mason will work, the second month, the third month and the fourth month the fourth mason will come.” The Prime Minister asked whether that house will be built, will that house be fit to live in and show to anyone. He said, “Even if a small house has to be built, the mason is not changed again and again.” He said, “The alliance of Congress and Samajwadi Party is saying that there will be five Prime Ministers in five years. Tell me, does anyone keep five Prime Ministers in five years, no one even keeps a mason.”

He said, “Can a Prime Minister who is busy saving his chair make the country strong? Therefore, the public has decided that for a strong country, the Prime Minister should also be strong. NDA is getting a huge mandate. No one wants to waste their vote for SP.” Before this, Modi started his speech in Bhojpuri with slogans of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, Mata Vindhyavasini and shouted ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Modi said that coincidentally, June 4 (the day the counting of votes will take place) is ‘Bada Mangal’. On June 4, on the day of Bada Mangal, once again – ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

The Prime Minister said, “After six phases of elections, the country has ensured that a very strong BJP-NDA government will be formed for the third time. The direct reason why India decided to form the Modi government for the third time is good intentions, good policies and nation first and national devotion.” He said, “The people of Uttar Pradesh are very adept at understanding politics, here even a village child understands politics. No sensible person will ever buy shares of a sinking company. Will anyone vote for those who are sinking, when one knows that they are sinking then who will make the mistake of casting a vote. The common man will vote for the one whose government is sure to be formed.” Taking a dig at the SP, he said, “Elections were held here recently, there are so many promising people in our Yadav community, but they gave tickets to people from their own family. They did not give tickets to even a single person from outside.”

Pointing to Apna Dal’s election symbol ‘cup plate’, Modi praised Mirzapur candidate Anupriya Patel and Robertsganj candidate Rinki Kol and said, “I grew up washing cups and plates in my childhood. I grew up serving tea.” He also appealed for votes for BJP candidate Shravan Gaud in the Duddhi by-election. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also addressed the rally. Voting for Mirzapur and Robertsganj Lok Sabha constituencies and Duddhi assembly by-election will be held on June 1 under the seventh phase of elections and counting of votes will be done on June 4.

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