India alliance will win with a huge majority, all psychological propaganda will be in vain: Lalu

The Uncut

Patna. Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) national president Lalu Prasad said on Monday that the ‘India’ alliance is going to give a surprising result with a huge majority and all psychological propaganda will be in vain. The RJD chief said in a statement here on Monday, “The opposition ‘India’ alliance is going to give a surprising result with a huge majority.”

He said, “I am heartily grateful to all of you for the way you have participated enthusiastically in the great festival of democracy, the Lok Sabha elections, and voted in favour of the ‘India’ alliance.” A day before the counting of votes, the RJD chief told the workers of the ‘India’ alliance and his party, “The campaign that we had started is yet to reach its destination, the public has given its vote in the form of victory for the alliance but it is our responsibility to take this public opinion to a safe result.”

He told the workers, “So without stopping, without getting tired, remain active at the counting place with zeal, enthusiasm and excitement and ensure that every vote cast by the people of Bihar is safe so that our democracy, constitution and reservation also remain safe.”

Earlier, RJD national spokesperson and Rajya Sabha member Manoj Kumar Jha, during a press conference with alliance partners here today, termed the exit polls as a psychological trick and claimed that the ‘India’ alliance in Bihar will cross “25” in the state of 40 Lok Sabha seats. He said, “Exit polls are a psychological trick. We have been told that apart from the stock markets, the Prime Minister’s Office also takes “interest”.”

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