India will go bankrupt if Congress’s ‘Maoist’ manifesto is implemented: PM Modi

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Mumbai. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday described the Congress manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections as a “Maoist” document and said that if it is implemented, the country’s economic growth will stop and it will lead India towards bankruptcy. BJP’s star campaigner claimed that if Congress comes to power at the Centre, it will snatch away gold from temples and ‘mangalsutra’ of women and also impose 50 per cent inheritance tax.

Addressing his last rally in support of Shiv Sena-BJP candidates for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra at Mumbai’s Shivaji Park, Modi fiercely attacked the Congress over its election manifesto. He said, “Congress is fighting for its survival and can go to any extent (to save itself). Its Maoist manifesto has its sights set on gold in temples and ‘mangalsutra’ of women. “The Maoist manifesto will put a halt to economic development and lead the country towards bankruptcy.” Modi said, “It (Congress) is also planning 50 per cent inheritance tax… The party is planning to X-ray your property and hand it over to its vote-bank which talks about ‘vote jihad’. ” The Prime Minister had earlier said that the election document of Congress has the imprint of Muslim League.

Modi said that he has a 10-year report card of his government and a 25-year roadmap. He said that construction of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya and removal of Article 370 which provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir were considered impossible tasks in the country, but now they have become reality. Modi told the crowd, “But this was possible because of the power of your one vote.” He told the people of Mumbai that when they go to vote on May 20, they should remember the terrorist attacks and serial bomb blasts that shook the metropolis in the past and the change in the situation after 2014. Modi said, “Mumbaikas have been feeling safe for the last ten years.”

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