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Jaijaipur Ramnami Fair: Ramnamis told – Our ancestors had told 150 years ago, a grand temple of Shri Ram will be built on this date.

Raipur. 150 years ago, our ancestors had told that the consecration of life in Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya would take place between Shukla Paksha Ekadashi and Trayodashi. On 22 January, the consecration of Shri Ramlala is taking place in Ayodhya. Its date had already been told by our ancestors. Our fair is also held on this date and it is a wonderful coincidence that the consecration of Ramlala is taking place at this time in the grand temple of Shri Ram. Don't know what is happening on this date, what the pundits are telling is what our ancestors also told. Only Ram will tell this. This was told by Shri Gularam Ramnami who came to the Ramnami fair going on in Jajepur of Sakti district.

Gularam and his companions say that they are very happy as the words of their ancestors have been fulfilled. While telling about Ramnami fair, Mr. Manharan Ramnami who came from Khamhariya said that every year the fair is organized on this date. One year on this side of Mahanadi and once on the other side of Mahanadi. Manharan told that we have been singing bhajans since 150 years ago. Earlier, small bhajans were sung and after 15 years, big bhajans were started. Sejbana, who came from Saraskela, told that I have been singing bhajans since childhood. Have got Ram's name tattooed since 7 years. My parents also used to sing bhajans. This is the fourth generation which is singing bhajans. The glory of the name Ram is limitless. The premises where all these people are singing bhajans. He has got Ram's name written in that premises also. Ram's name is written in his house. Ram's name is written on the clothes. Ramnami are the worshipers of the name of Ram. Ramnamis said that worship Ram in any form, whether wearing saffron or getting tonsured, but do not discriminate. Don't cheat. This is his message.

Meat and liquor prohibited within three km radius of fair premises

Gularam says that meat and liquor are prohibited within a radius of three kilometers of the fair premises. Just as people leave their shoes in the temple, similarly we believe that Ram resides in our hearts. We have written Ram's name on every part of the body, so we have taken a pledge that we cannot contaminate our body. That's why we abstain from meat and alcohol. Along with this, we also stay away from deceit and deceit. Gularam says that Ram belongs to everyone irrespective of caste and religion.)

If you send something to Ram, it will be Ram's.

Bhajan continues in Jajepur. Ramnami is singing Manharan. Whatever is sent to Ram, it belongs to Ram. When we listen to them, we remember Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi's bhajan, 'Jo bhaje hari ko, sohi param pad ke liye'. Ramnami sings some couplet of Manas or some couplet of Kabir in everything he says. He told that we have dedicated everything to our Ram.

Thousands of stories named Ram

Narrating an incident, Manharan tells that once there was a big flood in Mahanadi. Some Ramnami riders were in it and some people were common people. The flow increased a lot. The sailor said that now remember the name of Ram, the end of everything has come to mind. Then sang a hymn in the name of Ram. Then the flow subsided and everyone returned safely to the shore. This is about 1911. We tell this to everyone. The fair started filling up from this day itself.

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