Jashpur: 17-year-old girl raped, two youths arrested, four minor boys also arrested

The Uncut

Jashpur. Police have arrested two youths and four minor boys in connection with the alleged gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in Chhattisgarh’s Jashpur district, police officials said on Thursday.

Police officials said that security forces have arrested Manoj Kumar (24) and Pravit Pankra (21) and four minors on charges of raping a girl in Sanna police station area of ​​the district. They said that the police took this action on the complaint of the girl’s father.

Police officials said that the victim’s father complained to the police on June 5 that on the night of June 4, when his daughter was returning home with another girl from a wedding ceremony in the village, Manoj Kumar and two other minor boys surrounded them at 12 midnight. During this time, one girl managed to escape from there, later the accused boys raped the victim in the forest.

After the incident, the second accused Praveet Pankra also reached there with his two other minor friends and they also raped the victim and after committing the crime, they fled from the spot. Police officials said that after the incident, the victim somehow reached home and informed her family about it. They said that the police have registered a case on the complaint of the victim’s father and arrested both the youths. The police have also arrested four boys aged 16 to 17 years in this case. Police officials said that the police have started investigating the case.

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