know why do air conditioners blast in summer reasons and safety tips to prevent AC from catching fire

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Reasons why ACs explode: People are in a bad condition due to the scorching heat and strong sunlight. In many places, the temperature is reaching beyond 50. In such a situation, the air of AC in closed rooms is giving relief to the people. However, nowadays people are very scared of the news of AC catching fire. Recently, news of AC bursting came from Lotus Boulevard Society of Noida. Let us tell you, so far 10 to 12 reports of AC bursting have been heard from homes to offices in summer. In such a situation, the question arises that why are ACs bursting in summer and what measures can be taken to avoid blast. If you also want to know the answers to these questions, then adopt these methods.

Why are ACs bursting in summer?

In India, the condenser temperature of AC is usually up to 50 degrees Celsius. But when the ambient temperature exceeds the condenser temperature, the AC stops working. In such a situation, the pressure on the condenser of the AC increases and the chances of the condenser bursting increase. According to experts, when the voltage decreases along with voltage fluctuations, there is more pressure on the compressor. Due to this, other equipment along with the compressor get overheated, which increases the chances of fire. Even if there is an obstruction in the condenser of the AC and the air outlet, the heat of the AC cannot escape. This increases the risk of blast.

Apart from this, the incidence of fire in AC can increase due to improper maintenance of AC in the scorching heat.

These are the measures to protect the AC from blast-

-While getting the AC wiring done, be it home or office, always get branded wires used.

-Do not run AC without stabilizer.

-Do not allow a layer of dirt or dust to accumulate on the condenser inside the AC.

-Get the AC compressor installed in a shaded place.

-Get your AC serviced at the beginning of summer.

-If any kind of noise or spark comes from the AC, get it checked immediately.

Do not run the AC continuously

-Try to switch off the AC for some time after running it for 5-6 hours.

-To protect the window AC from sunlight, install a fibre shade over it.

-Keep the AC temperature at 24, this is the most ideal condition.

-Use mini circuit breaker MCB.

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