Laxmi Narayan Hospital sealed: Assistant professor performed operation without examination, woman died

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Gariaband. A tribal woman who came to get treatment for stomach pain in Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh died during the operation. The family members allege that the assistant professor of Mahasamund Medical College performed the operation without consulting any doctor. Due to which the pregnant woman died. Taking action in this case, the health department has sealed Laxmi Narayan Hospital.

According to the information received, Gaindi Bai died on May 10 at Laxmi Narayan Hospital in Raipur. In this entire case, on May 22, the deceased’s husband and family members submitted a memorandum to the collector for a high-level investigation of the case. In which the hospital management was accused of negligence on several points.

The health department sealed the hospital

The health department sealed the hospital
The health department sealed the hospital

On the instructions of Collector Deepak Agrawal, CMHO Gargi Yadu has formed an investigation team and expedited the action. All the necessary documents related to the treatment have been confiscated. Also, a notice was served to the hospital management on 23rd May. As the reply was not satisfactory, the administration has sealed the hospital. The investigation team found the histopath test report in the seized documents. Which confirmed that Gandi Bai was pregnant (extra-uterine pregnancy). On the basis of initial symptoms of cancer, after performing the operation of the uterus, the piece of flesh found inside was sent for examination by the hospital management.

The team reached Laxmi Narayan Hospital for investigation
The team reached Laxmi Narayan Hospital for investigation

Double incision in the abdomen

Where it was found in the investigation that the management did the operation without any expert opinion. It has also been confirmed that the stomach was cut not once but twice. Before the operation, neither a gynecologist nor a pregnancy urine test was done. It is said that the doctor who did the operation is an assistant professor in the Civil Surgeon Mahasamund Medical College. The investigation team will investigate all these points, whether the rules made for free loss work were followed by the said doctor or not, where was the place of work mentioned during the operation period.

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