Liquor sale will be cashless: After premium, now the system will be implemented in domestic and foreign

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Raipur. To prevent over-rating of liquor, the Excise Department is planning to provide online payment facility to the customers. Liquor lovers will be able to purchase liquor through UPI by paying online through Phone Pay, Google Pay and Paytm. The reason for providing the facility of online payment is to prevent over-rating of liquor. At present, there is a system of giving bills to the customers to prevent over-rating of liquor, despite this, complaints of sale of liquor at over-rate keep coming to the fore. For this reason, to prevent over-rating, a system is being made to make online payment for liquor purchase. It is expected that the system of cashless liquor purchase may start by the second week of June.

It is noteworthy that, currently there is a system of purchasing liquor through debit card in premium liquor shops, but in local liquor shops along with English, there is a provision of purchasing liquor through cash. Due to the system of purchasing liquor in cash, there is a problem of over-rating. When there is a problem of chilhar, the salesman of the liquor shop does not pay chilhar to the customers. After the introduction of the system of purchasing cashless liquor, the problem of cash in liquor shops can also be ended.

Close to six hundred shops operated

At present around six hundred liquor shops are being operated in the state. According to departmental officers, bank accounts will be opened in SBI for all liquor shops. After this, cashless sale of liquor will be possible.

Liquor sales worth more than Rs 35 crore

On an average, liquor sales worth Rs 35 crore are made in the liquor shops of the state in a day. Since liquor is sold in cash, collecting the sale amount of liquor proves to be a big challenge for the placement agency. Along with this, incidents of robbery from liquor shops have also come to light in different cities of the state. After the start of the online system, the placement agency will get relief from collecting the liquor amount.

A large section is connected with cashless transactions

It is worth noting that at present a large section is connected to the cashless transaction system. At present, when purchasing anything other than liquor, most people pay through UPI instead of cash. Officials estimate that after the introduction of cashless system in liquor shops, most of the people in English and premium liquor shops can purchase liquor through UPI payment. According to Excise Department officials, under the pilot project, the system of selling liquor through UPI will be started in premium liquor shops in some districts of the state.

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