MNREGA has become a joke: Sarpanch is usurping the rights of laborers, digging the pond with a machine

The Uncut

Baloda Bazaar. On one hand, the government is providing employment to the villagers by getting them to work under MNREGA for the development work being done in the village. On the other hand, the Sarpanch is arbitrarily getting the work done under MNREGA done by machines and depriving the workers of their rights. Not only this, even the responsible officers of the department, after issuing the order for the related work, do not even go to see whether the work is being done by workers or machines.

Excavation using JCB against rules

The whole matter is of village Sandi Mudpar under Palari tehsil. Where the Panchayat is getting the work of removing soil done in the private pond of the village under Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme. Apart from this, in half of the same private pond, excavation is being done by JCB against the rules and soil is being removed by Hiva for private use. The soil removed by private JCB is not being used by the Panchayat.

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Whereas the rule is that the said soil should be put on the embankment of the pond.

Notice has been sent: CEO

Let us tell you, under MNREGA, work has been done in this private pond for 60 days. Which is a waste of government money. Regarding this, CEO of Janpad Panchayat Palari, Rohit Kumar Nayak said that a verbal complaint has been made by the villagers of the said Panchayat. We have issued a notice to the Sarpanch Secretary and Employment Assistant and asked them to respond within 24 hours. Further, it has also been said that an investigation team will be formed.

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