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Modi hails Manmohan’s ‘parliamentary ethics’

Speaking about the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi said that this House is a diverse university of six years, shaped by experiences. Remembering Dr. Singh’s contribution, PM further said, “Due to his long tenure guiding the House and the nation, Dr. Singh will figure in every discussion of the democracy of our nation.”

He suggested that all members of Parliament try to learn from the conduct of such distinguished members as they have been guiding lights. He also urged the members, whose terms are ending this year from this month to May, “This is a diverse university of six years, shaped by experiences,” he said. Making the significance of the present moment, the PM said that the members who are leaving today have the opportunity to be in both the old and new buildings.

The Prime Minister also attacked Congress for its black paper terming it a kala-tika to the government for remaining safeguard from bad happenings. Meanwhile, according to an official source, 68 members of Rajya Sabha are scheduled to retire, including BJP national president JP Nadda and others between February and May after completing their six-year term.

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