Modi was preparing communal pitch in elections, we refused to play on it: Congress

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New Delhi. The Congress on Tuesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was engaged in polarisation throughout the Lok Sabha election, was preparing a “communal pitch”, but it refused to play on this pitch and pursued its ‘five justices’ agenda.

Party General Secretary Jairam Ramesh’s attack came on Modi’s remarks in an interview with ‘PTI Video’ in which the Prime Minister had said that he had never uttered a single word against minorities and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not only today, In fact, it has never been against minorities. Ramesh claimed that Prime Minister Modi’s entire campaign since April 19 has been based on “communalism” with Hindu-Muslim rhetoric and “developed India, Modi’s guarantee, or the failure of farmers, youth, women, workers, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and There has been no talk of issues of other backward classes..”

When asked about the Prime Minister’s remarks, Ramesh told PTI-Bhasha, “What nonsense is he talking about? The Prime Minister is rapidly losing his memory. He has never followed the truth. He is a ‘jhoothjeevi’, but now whatever he says today, he forgets it tomorrow and says he never said it.” He said, “He has definitely been talking about Hindu-Muslim along with attacking the Congress party.”

Ramesh said that the Prime Minister had raised the issue of ‘Muslim League’ imprint on the Congress manifesto, the comment regarding Mangalsutra and allegations like ‘Congress will give reservation on the basis of religion’, but all these were “fake statements”. He claimed, “This is the same Prime Minister who, when asked a few years ago whether he had any regrets over the killings during the Gujarat riots, had said that he feels bad when even a puppy gets run over by a car.” Is. He uses this kind of language.” The Congress leader alleged that the Prime Minister’s entire campaign since April 19 has been based on “communalization and polarisation”.

He said, “Hindu-Muslim rhetoric is being made all the time, no talk of developed India, no talk of Modi’s guarantee, no talk of issues of farmers, youth, women, workers, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and OBCs.” No… this is a communal agenda being run.” Ramesh claimed, “The Prime Minister is preparing a ‘communal pitch’ and wants the Congress to play on that pitch, but “we refused to play on that pitch.”

The Congress leader said, “We have refused to do so because our agenda is of ‘five justice’ – youth justice, farmer justice, labor justice, women justice and equity justice and 25 guarantees.” Ramesh said that the Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949 and a day before this, the Assembly and BR Ambedkar had given a speech in which he had said that the Constitution would not have been possible without the Congress.

According to him, four days after the adoption of the Constitution, the RSS publication ‘Organiser’ says that there is nothing Indian in the Constitution because there are no ‘Manuwadi values’ in it. After this, MS Golwalkar, Deen Dayal Upadhyay, Mohan Bhagwat, Bibek Debroy, many spokespersons attack this Constitution and say that the time of this Constitution is over.” The Congress leader said that the Constitution is a flexible document. Which can be amended but the document. It is another matter to eliminate it completely. Ramesh claimed that when Atal Bihari Vajpayee became Prime Minister, “LK Advani and Company” wanted a committee to review the basic structure of the Constitution.

“He appointed a very distinguished former Chief Justice, Justice JMNR Venkatachaliah, to lead the committee, but he said that I will not be a party to dismantling the basic structure of this Constitution,” he said. Ramesh said that after this the BJP led government had to change the nature of the committee to form a committee which was to review the functioning of the Constitution.

He said, “We (Congress) definitely boycotted that commission. Therefore this has always been the aim of BJP and RSS. They are extremely uncomfortable and hostile towards the idea of ​​BR Ambedkar’s Constitution because one of the pillars of this Constitution is social justice and the path to social justice passes through reservation.” Ramesh questioned why Prime Minister Modi is “silent” on the issue of caste census? He also asked the Prime Minister to clarify his stand on whether he would remove the 50 percent limit on reservation for SC, ST and OBC.

Prime Minister should leave public life for Hindu-Muslim rhetoric: Kharge
Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making Hindu-Muslim statements every day and is “promoting hatred” in the society, due to which he should leave public life. In an interview to PTI-Bhasha, Kharge alleged that Prime Minister Modi’s intentions are not clear as he is giving “hate speeches” daily along with Hindu-Muslim rhetoric during the election campaign.

He said that the Prime Minister talks like “snatching buffalo” and “giving 15 percent of the budget to Muslims” and by saying such things, he himself is creating division in the society. The Congress President said, “On the other hand, he claimed that if he talks about Hindu-Muslim, then he has no right to be in public life. As you say such things every day, you should leave public life.” While urging Modi to see the record of his speeches on Hindu-Muslim, he also said that he is lying on this also.

Kharge said, “At least he should stick to what he has said.” He doesn’t even admit his mistake and doesn’t even apologize. On one hand he says such things, while on the other hand he says that if he does this then he will not be fit to live in public life.” Modi had earlier told a TV channel that if he discriminates between Hindus and Muslims, he has no right to be in public life.

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