Modi’s “strong” government has replaced the “weak” UPA: Nadda

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Jehanabad/Ara/Nalanda. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president JP Nadda on Sunday said that his party has given the country a “strong” government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which is capable of destroying terrorist networks by entering Pakistan. Nadda addressed separate election meetings in favor of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate Chandeshwar Prasad Chandravanshi in Bihar’s Jehanabad parliamentary constituency, BJP candidate and Union Minister RK Singh in Ara and NDA candidate Kaushalendra Kumar in Nalanda.

He alleged, “The Congress-led UPA government which was voted out of power in 2014 was helpless, weak and crippled.” Nadda claimed that the government which welcomed and compromised with Kashmir separatists by calling them to the Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi is a ‘helpless and weak government’.

He said the government led by Prime Minister Modi is “strong”, which abolished Article 370 from Kashmir.
The BJP president said, “When Modi came to power, Uri and Pulwama (attacks) happened, then our soldiers entered Pakistan’s borders to carry out surgical strikes and Balakot air strikes and killed terrorists in their homes.” Nadda also praised the government for abolishing Article 370 and claimed that it “liberated the people of Jammu and Kashmir who were held hostage by a handful of political families for years.”

He said, “Record voting is taking place in Kashmir, all records are being broken. This has been possible because Modi ji has brought Kashmir into the mainstream. Today Kashmir is freely participating in this festival of democracy.” Addressing a public meeting in Jehanabad, Nadda said, “RJD (RJD) government was in power here for 15 years. In that government, “R” means anti-national, bribery, “J” means jungle raj and “D” means swamp. This is the party of anti-national, bribery, jungle raj, and swamp.” He said, “RJD wants to take us back to the lantern era. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought us to the LED era. He is taking the country towards progress and these are the people of the lantern era and jungle raj.”

Nadda said, “Before 2005, no one used to come or go in Jehanabad after 3 pm. Farmers were migrating. Murders and kidnappings were taking place. Ransom was being demanded.” Targeting RJD chief Lalu Prasad and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over corruption, he said, “Today Lalu is teaching Rahul Gandhi how to cook mutton. These selfish parties have no religion. The entire ‘Ghamandiya’ (India) alliance is only engaged in saving their families and each other’s corruption.” Addressing an election rally in Ara, Nadda said, “Remember, people did not come out of their homes after 4 pm in Ara. And remember, flags were planted on the fields and the land was yours. Did this happen or not? Did murders take place or not? Was there gundaraj, jungleraj or not?” Accusing Lalu Prasad of working only for his family, Nadda claimed that RJD is nurturing CPI(ML) and it wants to bring dark days.

Nadda accused the opposition parties of conspiring to give the reservation of Dalits and backward classes to Muslims and said, “We are not anti-Muslim, they are our brothers but it is written in the constitution that reservation will not be given on the basis of religion, reservation will be given on social basis.” He said, “We will not let even a single Dalit, tribal brother and backward-most backward class get reservation and this reservation will remain theirs. We will not let it be looted.” The BJP leader also accused the ‘India’ alliance of being anti-Ram, anti-Sanatan and anti-national.

Nadda questioned the alleged silence of Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on the statements made by DMK leaders Uday Nidhi and A. Raja against Sanatan Dharma and called them “anti-Sanatan”. According to Nadda, Modi never said that under any scheme, so many Muslims got so many houses, so many Muslims are getting food grains, “because Modi ji believes in Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Pyar.” He said, “Under the leadership of Modi ji, today India is a capable, prosperous, powerful country and will fulfill the resolution of developed India before 2047.”

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