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MP Chunni Lal Urges Farmers to Boost Dubraj Cultivation in Chhattisgarh

Dubraj: Chhattisgarh MP Chunnilal Sahu’s call to farmers to boost Dubraj paddy cultivation comes at a crucial time when the Government of India has recognized and patented this famous variety. Dubraj paddy, known for its unique characteristics and flavor, has long been cherished by the people of Chhattisgarh for its rich cultural and agricultural significance.

In the viral video, MP Chunnilal Sahu demonstrates his personal involvement in farming by harvesting paddy seeds alongside bulls, symbolizing the deep-rooted connection to the land and the traditional farming practices passed down through generations. His actions resonate with the importance of preserving agricultural heritage and promoting sustainable farming methods.

The patenting of Dubraj paddy by the Government of India signifies the recognition of its distinctiveness and the potential it holds for the agricultural sector. This achievement not only brings pride to Chhattisgarh but also opens doors for increased market opportunities and value for the farmers cultivating this unique variety.

MP Chunnilal Sahu’s appeal to farmers to expand the cultivation of dubraj paddy aligns with the vision of promoting agricultural diversity, enhancing food security, and supporting the economic growth of the state. By encouraging more farmers to embrace dubraj paddy cultivation, the MP aims to uplift rural communities, empower farmers, and contribute to the overall development of Chhattisgarh’s agricultural sector.

With the combination of MP Chunnilal Sahu’s personal commitment to farming, the recognition of Dubraj paddy’s significance through patenting, and the collective efforts of farmers, Chhattisgarh’s agricultural landscape is poised to thrive and flourish, ensuring a prosperous future for both farmers and the state as a whole.

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