Munat came out with a bike in Odisha: told people about PM’s vision, sought votes for Sambit Patra and Jayant Sarangi

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Except Tuesday, only two days are left for campaigning in Puri, because voting is to be held here on May 25. Rajesh Munat said that they will hold bike rallies in the streets during the day and will go out on foot to contact houses from sunset till late night. He also said that the time has come for CM Naveen Patnaik and his party Biju Janata Dal to pack up not only in Puri, but in entire Odisha.

MLA Rajesh Munat campaigning in Odisha
MLA Rajesh Munat campaigning in Odisha

People should count the works of PM Modi

Shri Munat took out a bike rally with his team and local BJP workers. During this time he himself kept riding the scooter. He reached almost every street of Puri on bike and made people aware of the vision of PM Narendra Modi. He told that the people of Puri are very happy with the tenure of PM Modi and now crores of devotees of Lord Jagannath have decided to hand over the reins of the country again to Narendra Modi, who made an important contribution in building the grand Lord Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Like Chhattisgarh, all work will be completed in Odisha too

During the bike rally, Rajesh Munat is also telling the people of Puri that as soon as Vishnudev Sai’s government was formed in Chhattisgarh, every guarantee of PM Modi has been immediately fulfilled. One thousand rupees are being given into the accounts of women every month. If BJP government is formed in Odisha, similar work will be done at a faster pace. Munat said that the people of Puri know that Sambit Patra and Jayant Sarangi will put their energy into fulfilling every guarantee of PM Modi. Now the time has come for Naveen Babu to pack his bags in Odisha.

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