Murder just like the movie Drishyam: Jyotish kills young man and buries him in the kitchen, suspects affair with his wife

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Mahasamund. In Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh, a murder has been committed just like in the movie Drishyam. The astrologer living on rent killed the young man and then buried him in the kitchen. The cunning killer wrapped the body in several layers of plastic so that the smell could not go out. In this case, the police have taken the deceased’s wife and astrologer into custody. The incident took place in Lohani Building of Lalwani Gali of City Kotwali.

In fact, on Monday evening, the buried body was dug out in the presence of the Executive Magistrate. This entire case is also being linked to a love affair. UPesh Chandrakar (40), who lived in village Birkoni, about 12 km from the district headquarters, was missing since 8 December 2023. His wife Jyoti Chandrakar (35), a teacher, filed a missing person report of her husband at the City Kotwali on 10 December 2023. Even after 6 months, Devika Chandrakar did not get any information about her husband from the police station.

Deceased Yupesh Chandrakar
Deceased UPesh Chandrakar

Suspicion of tenant

Mahasamund police got suspicious in the case. Meanwhile, based on solid input, Mukund Tripathi, a tenant in Lohani building, was taken into custody and questioned. During this, the accused tried to mislead the police but the police’s suspicion gradually became clear. When the police started questioning strictly, the accused confessed his crime.

It could be a case of love affair

The accused said that he used to do astrology. The deceased’s wife, teacher Jyoti Chandrakar, also used to visit him. This made Upesh angry. He even stopped his wife many times. In such a situation, the accused killed Upesh.

Astrologer Mukund Tripathi

buried by digging a pit in the kitchen

After the murder, the accused wrapped the body of UPesh Chandrakar properly in plastic. After this, he dug a 4 feet deep pit in the empty space between the kitchen and bathroom in the rented house of Lohani Building and buried it there. After this, he cemented the floor as before.

The body has decomposed 40 percent

The police reached the spot and excavated the buried body. The body was 40 percent decomposed due to being packed with membrane and taping. The police called the deceased’s brother Manish Chandrakar and identified the deceased. At present, the body has been sent for post-mortem.

Police is investigating from every angle

Police said that the cause of death will be revealed only after the postmortem. The accused and the deceased’s wife are being questioned in the case. The case is also being investigated from the angle of love affair. Murdering someone and burying the body cannot be the work of one person; other people may also be involved in it. Police is investigating the case from every angle.

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