Nagar Palika president’s chair in danger: BJP preparing for no-confidence motion, BJP claims majority

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Dongargarh. Six months after the Congress government lost power in Chhattisgarh, a period of political upheaval has begun in Dongargarh of Rajnandgaon district. 14 BJP councillors have completed preparations to bring a no-confidence motion for the post of president in the Nagar Palika Parishad. Serious allegations of commission-grabbing and corruption are also being leveled against the current Nagar Palika president Sudesh Meshram.

There are 24 wards in Dongargarh Nagar Palika Parishad. At present, there are a total of 14 councillors here. On the other hand, the Congress party is left with only 9 councillors after the death of 1 out of 10 councillors. In such a situation, BJP is primarily capable of forming the government in the city. Now it remains to be seen that, in the last month of the year, urban body elections are going to be held, in such a situation, will the administration take over this post itself or will it hold the elections and hand over the command of the president to BJP.

The collector directed the chief municipal officer

Recently, the BJP councilor group has requested the Rajnandgaon collector through a letter to bring a no-confidence motion against the Nagar Palika Chairman Sudesh Meshram under Section 43(a). Taking action on which the collector has ordered the chief municipal officer to verify the signatures of the councilors and send the no-confidence motion against the chairman. In such a situation, the Congress government seems to be going in Dongargarh city. In its no-confidence motion letter, the councilor group has accused the current chairman in 6 points of commission-grabbing, interference in the wards of councilors in the opposition and massive corruption.
BJP has 14 councillors out of 24 seats

In this entire process, BJP Mandal city president Amit Jain told the media that Nagar Palika president Sudesh Meshram has lost his majority in the Nagar Palika. Today, BJP has 14 seats out of 24. In such a situation, as per rules, there should be a BJP president in Nagar Palika Parishad and as far as Sudesh Meshram is concerned, only corruption has happened in his four and a half years of tenure. He has never come out in the city to see the sanitation system and drinking water system. He never got time from distributing tenders and doing corruption. It is the moral responsibility of the president to resign from his post.

President Sudesh Meshram said- I have done all-round development

On this whole matter, Nagar Palika President Sudesh Meshram said that I have done all-round development in the city and the people of Dongargarh know this. Two independent councilors Uma Mahesh Verma and Alka Sahare have joined the BJP, they should themselves look at their wards, most of the work has been done in their wards. During my tenure, I have done work of stadium, road, drain etc. in the city. The people of Dongargarh know whether I am corrupt or not?

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