Non-surgical treatment of tooth infection caused by decay is possible

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Raipur. Treatment of tooth infection due to childhood injury or decay is now possible without surgery. After long study and good success, Dr. Sanjeev Kunhappan, senior doctor of Government Dental College, has patented a new method of treatment. Dr. Sanjeev, head of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics Department of the only Government Dental College of the state, said that the infection caused due to injury or decay in the teeth due to any reason, which is called peri apical lesion, slowly starts spreading to the jaw bone, due to which the bone starts melting due to lack of timely treatment. Earlier, its treatment was done only through surgery.

This operation process used to cause problems to the patient. During the operation, excessive bleeding used to occur and the infected teeth as well as the adjacent teeth had to be taken out. Now, without surgery, treatment is done through root canal treatment using the latest method of triple antibiotic paste and MTA. To know the success of this new method of treatment, 150 patients were studied in about five years. For treatment by this method, the Government Dental College has made its mark not only in Chhattisgarh but in the whole of India and patients come here for treatment from far and wide. This successful method of treatment without surgery has been discovered by Dr. Sanjeev Kunhappan. It has been patented by Dr. Sanjeev through the office of the Government of India. It has been considered a matter of pride for the only government dental college of the state.

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