Not only bad eating habits but these reasons are also responsible for constipation

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The problem of constipation troubles many people. When food remains undigested in the intestines, it does not allow the toxins to come out. Due to which the problem of constipation starts. But it is important to know the reasons for constipation. Often people consider proper diet to be necessary for constipation. But apart from wrong diet, there are many other reasons which cause constipation.

High fiber diet and water

To get rid of constipation, people often recommend taking a high-fibre diet. But eating only high-fibre food does not cure constipation, but increases it. The reason for this is the amount of liquid. When you eat high-fibre food, more water is needed to digest it. Therefore, people who eat high-fibre food should drink more water. So that this fibre can be digested, otherwise problems like indigestion and constipation start arising in the stomach.

Sedentary lifestyle

Sitting for many hours continuously in the office and staying away from exercise is a big reason for constipation. The metabolism system is badly affected due to sitting. Due to this, not only belly fat increases but the digestive process is also affected. When undigested food is in the intestines, the problem of constipation will start arising.


Many times people start having constipation problems due to taking certain types of medicines. These medicines increase bloating and constipation.

due to hormonal imbalance

In some people, constipation also occurs due to problems like thyroid, diabetes. Actually, the endocrine system regulates the hormones in the body. But when there is a disturbance in the hormones, a problem like thyroid arises. Which also affects the digestion of the stomach and constipation starts.

Crohn’s disease

Diseases like Crohn’s and IBS are also responsible for constipation. Crohn’s disease is an intestinal disease in which a part of the intestine shrinks. This leads to constipation.

neurological problem

Constipation often troubles people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and depression. In fact, many medicines for depression cause constipation.

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