Not only hotel food but also home cooked food can make you sick, keep these things in mind

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Cooking mistakes that make your food unhealthy: Whenever it comes to eating healthy, people often start advising each other to eat homemade food. Homemade food is nutritious as well as tasty. But do you know, sometimes some cooking mistakes made while cooking can make your food poison for health. Yes, to stay healthy, not only a healthy diet but the way of cooking should also be healthy. But nowadays, in the name of taste, people turn food into poison while cooking. By doing this, not only the nutrients present in the food are destroyed, but also the food acts like poison when harmful chemicals enter the stomach. Let us know about many such common cooking mistakes.

Do not make these mistakes while cooking-

Dip fry-

Many times people deep fry food to enhance the taste of food, but these deep fried things do not benefit health but harm it. Due to the high temperature in it, it reacts with oxygen and gets oxidized, which turns into trans fat after entering the stomach and affects the heart, liver, kidney.

Use of excess salt-

Using too much salt while cooking can be harmful to health. Consuming too much salt in food can increase the risk of high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart related diseases.


It has been proved in many studies that microwaves emit radiation. A 2011 WHO study also revealed that radiation from microwaves can release carcinogenic chemicals in food.


Cooking in smoke can also be harmful for health. Smoke releases harmful chemicals like HCA and polycyclic hydrocarbons into food, which are carcinogenic.

Love for Deserts-

In many homes, sweets are definitely consumed after meals. But the high amount of sugar in sweets, juices, or desserts can cause obesity, diabetes, and dental problems.

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