Opposition alliance ‘India’ does not have a leader who can become Prime Minister: Amit Shah

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Ghatal/Purulia. Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the opposition ‘India’ alliance’ and said that the opposition camp does not have a leader who can become the Prime Minister. Addressing election rallies held in Ghatal and Purulia one after the other, Shah said that the leaders of the opposition alliance ‘India’ only want to advance their families and they neither have a leader to lead the country nor the intention to develop the nation.

Referring to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Shah said, “PoK is a part of India and we will take it.” He said, “It is already decided that BJP will form the next government. But who is the Prime Ministerial candidate of this ‘India’ alliance? The alliance has no leader. This is what five prime ministers want in five years. They want a system of making Prime Ministers on a rotational basis.” Shah said, “But can these successive Prime Ministers give a befitting reply to Pakistan and end terrorism? During the Congress rule, we have seen how terrorist activities were a regular occurrence. We have also seen how Narendra Modi ended terrorism in Kashmir.”

Describing the opposition alliance as an ‘arrogant alliance’, Shah said, “Opposition parties are only interested in promoting their family members.” Home Minister Shah said that the Lok Sabha election is about choosing between leaders doing family politics and an honest leader like Narendra Modi who considers the country as his family.

He said, “Sharad Pawar wants his daughter to become the Chief Minister. Mamata Banerjee wants her nephew to become the Chief Minister after her. Stalin (Tamil Nadu Chief Minister) wants to see his son as his successor. Sonia Gandhi wants Rahul Baba to become the Prime Minister of the country. On the other hand, there is Narendra Modi ji who considers the whole country as his family.” Targeting Congress leaders for not supporting the demand to occupy PoK, Shah said, “Congress leaders say that this should not be done because they have the nuclear bomb. But I want to say that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is a part of India, was a part of India and we will take it.”

Shah said, “Congress expects us to respect Pakistan because it is a nuclear nation, and does not want us to fight for PoK. Let these Congressmen know that this is Narendra Modi’s government. We are not afraid. We will regain our rights in PoK.” The BJP leader criticized the opposition ‘India’ alliance on the issue of reservation and said that they want to give reservation on the basis of religion.

He said, “The opposition ‘India’ alliance wants to give reservation on the basis of religion. In Karnataka he gave OBC reservation to Muslims; Do you want to cancel your reservation? They want to snatch the reservation of SC/ST by giving reservation to Muslims. The ‘Indi’ alliance is trying to snatch away the rights of the deprived sections, but don’t worry, Narendra Modi will not let anyone touch your rights.”

Taking a dig at the opposition alliance, Shah said that after five phases of voting, “the ‘India’ alliance has been wiped out across the country. He claimed, “Five phases of voting have been completed. In these five phases, Modi ji has crossed the figure of 310 seats. Mamata didi’s ‘India’ alliance has been wiped out. The entire country is ready to make Modi ji the Prime Minister again.” He said, “In these five phases, Modi has completed the work of forming the government by winning 310 seats. Now I need your blessings to cross the 400 mark in the sixth and seventh phases.”

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