Patwari’s dead body found in bedroom: suspicion of murder, police engaged in investigation

The Uncut

On seeing the body of the Patwari, people are suspecting murder. It is being told that the body of Patwari Lakeshwar alias Lokesh Manikpuri posted in Panchayat Jamgahan Halka was found in the bedroom of his own house. Blood is coming out of the nose and mouth of the dead body. Information about this was given to Sarangarh-Bilaigarh police. The police reached the spot and started investigating the case.

The younger brother killed the elder brother

Whereas in Rajnandgaon, a young man used to quarrel with his younger brother after drinking alcohol. Fed up with this, the younger brother killed him. After the murder, he tied the body in a sack and threw it in the well of the village. His parents also helped in throwing the body in the well and destroying the evidence. Police have arrested all the accused. The incident is from Bijetla village of Ghumka police station area.

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