People of ‘Indi’ alliance are extremely communal, casteist and family based: Prime Minister Modi

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New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday termed the opposition ‘India’ alliance as ‘extremely communal, casteist and family based’ and said that every party standing under the Congress umbrella is guilty of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Addressing a rally in Dwarka, Modi said the development model of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is committed to ‘nation first’ but the only agenda for the Congress and ‘India’ alliance is ‘family first’.

He said, “The country also understands that if by mistake any vote is cast in favor of the ‘Indi’ alliance, then that vote will be of no use to the country. Every vote given to BJP will strengthen the resolve of ‘Developed India’. This is the reason why this huge sea of ​​people is also saying in one voice that ‘Modi government once again’.” Attacking the Congress and the ‘India’ alliance, he said that Sikhs were burnt alive in Delhi. He said, “Indi alliance people, please answer?” In this very Delhi, our Sikh brothers and sisters were burnt alive with tires tied around their necks, whose crime was this? Today every party standing under the umbrella of Congress is guilty of Sikh riots.”

He said, “It is Modi who is giving justice to the victims of the Sikh riots.” Modi alleged that the Congress tarnished India’s image by “looting Delhi” through the 2010 Commonwealth Games. He said, “This same Delhi hosted the G20 summit and the whole world praised India for hosting it.” Launching a scathing attack on the ‘Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance’, Modi accused its constituents of being “deeply communal, casteist and nepotistic”.

Indirectly attacking Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, he said that the game of ‘hardcore corrupt’ is being played in Delhi.
He said, “These people have left no stone unturned to loot the people of Delhi and even the courts are shocked by this. “Those who came to change politics have committed the biggest betrayal.” He said that all the members of the ‘India’ alliance are ‘extremely corrupt’.
Modi warned that after coming to power for the third time, he would ‘X-ray’ the wealth of corrupt people.

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