PM Modi made every effort to topple the Congress government in Himachal: Priyanka Gandhi

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Shimla. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made every effort to topple the democratically elected Congress government in Himachal Pradesh by using money power. She claimed that the only motive of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, including Prime Minister Modi, is to gain power at any cost and to achieve this goal they indulge in corrupt practices, use money power, bribe MLAs and mislead people in the name of God.

Addressing a rally in Chamba in support of the party’s candidate from Kangra Lok Sabha seat Anand Sharma, Priyanka said, “Modi made every effort to topple the democratically elected Congress government in the state through corrupt practices and by using money power.” The Congress general secretary asked the crowd present at the rally whether they would like such a leader? Addressing another rally in Kangra district, she referred to the political turmoil in Himachal in February-March and alleged that the BJP had given Rs 100 crore to each (rebel) MLA (of Congress).

Priyanka said that in the last two years, two major incidents happened in Himachal which exposed the real face of Congress and BJP.
He said, “Last year the most horrific disaster of monsoon came when every leader and worker of Congress was on the ground, while BJP was nowhere to be seen. The second incident was the political turmoil created by BJP, which tried to topple the elected government…MLAs were given Rs 100 crore each, and were taken to a hotel in Chandigarh in the night, hiding like thieves.”

The Congress leader said the BJP government at the Centre was indifferent towards Himachal and did not give a single penny for relief work during the disaster and even stopped the funds that should have been given because people had voted for the Congress in the assembly elections.
Priyanka had met the disaster-affected families. She said that Prime Minister Modi claims that Himachal is his second home, but he did not visit the state even once during the disaster. She said that Congress could not become the richest party despite being in power for 55 years, while on the other hand, BJP became the richest party in the world in just 10 years. Priyanka said that a report claimed that BJP spent Rs 60,000 crore in the last one or two years. She also spoke about her attachment with the state.

She said, “My heart is in Himachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful state known for its culture and honesty. The country should learn from Himachal Pradesh.” Accusing Prime Minister Modi of distributing national assets like coal mines, ports and airports to his crorepati friends, Priyanka said this is being done to raise money, which the BJP needs to topple governments by bribing MLAs and run television channels. Claiming that all the policies and schemes of the Center are aimed at benefiting the rich, she alleged that the Agneepath military recruitment scheme was brought to pave the way for the intervention of crorepatis in the defense sector.

He said, “In Himachal also, big cold storages have been built by Adani and other big businessmen, which will determine the price of apples.” Taking a dig at Modi, the Congress leader said that he comes here like a tourist, clicks pictures and posts videos online, capturing the beauty of the Mandi with the song “Chamba Kitni Door” playing in the background.
He claimed that this song reveals the truth because Prime Minister Modi is not concerned about the plight of the people.

Priyanka also said that the Congress has promised to give Rs 8,500 per month to the oldest female member of poor families, give 50 per cent government jobs to women and double the salary of Asha, Anganwadi and mid-day meal workers.
He promised that if the Congress comes to power at the Centre, it will abolish the Agneepath scheme, bring a law to ensure MSP (minimum support price) to farmers, set up a permanent commission to provide loans to farmers and provide free medical insurance up to Rs 25 lakh.

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