PM Modi’s ‘Mujra’ remark is an insult to Bihar: Kharge

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Sasaram. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for using the word ‘Mujra’ for opposition leaders and said that he “insulted Bihar” by making this comment. Addressing an election rally in favour of Congress leader and Mahagathbandhan candidate Manoj Kumar from Sasaram Lok Sabha constituency, Kharge said, “The Prime Minister used the word ‘Mujra’ for opposition leaders in an election rally in Bihar on Friday… Modi ji insulted Bihar by using this word… that means Mujra happens here. This is an insult to Bihar and its voters.”

He said, “Prime Minister Modi considers himself to be “Tismar Khan”… He is under a misconception. The public is the real “Tismar Khan”. He (the Prime Minister) is a dictator… If he becomes the Prime Minister for the third time, people will not be allowed to say anything.” The Congress President said, “This election is basically the public versus Modi… not Rahul versus Modi.” He said that he respects Modi as the Prime Minister, but “wherever Narendra Modi goes, he abuses the Congress party and our leaders.” Kharge said, “He (Modi) knows only one thing… abusing Sonia ji, Rahul ji and other Congress leaders.”

He said, “According to Modi, the previous leaders of the country did not do any development work. Everything happened during his tenure.” Kharge said, “These days Narendra Modi is talking strange things. He spreads the illusion that Congress will snatch away people’s buffaloes, lands and mangalsutra. Narendra Modi talks such useless things, but does not talk about inflation, unemployment and hunger.” He said that the Prime Minister’s allegation of imposing inheritance tax after Congress came to power is a ‘lie’.

Kharge said, “I always say that the Prime Minister is the head of liars and he will keep the country submerged. The situation will become the same as it was before the independence of the country. We have to ensure that the country does not go towards dictatorship. If you do not help the ‘India’ alliance today, the situation will become worse.” The Congress President continued to attack Modi and said, “He is a dictator who puts those who speak and write the truth in jail. Today, people who show the truth and raise the voice of the public are being suppressed.”

He said, “Narendra Modi works to divide people while Congress works to keep the country united. That is why Rahul Gandhi ji did “Bharat Jodo Yatra” and walked from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.” Kharge said, “Narendra Modi ji, you should embrace the poor instead of the rich, the country will progress and prosper.” He said, “If Congress comes to power, it will conduct caste census so that these sections can get their fair share in welfare and development. Congress will give employment to the youth, will give one lakh rupees annually to women. We promise to give minimum support price to farmers and minimum wage of Rs 400 per day to MNREGA workers.”

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