Politics on Bemetara accident: Baij said- this incident is unfortunate, government should investigate the matter

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15 people have died tragically in the explosion at a gunpowder factory in Bemetara district of Chhattisgarh. Politics has also intensified regarding this incident. PCC Chief Deepak Baij raised many questions on the government’s work and said that the Bemetara incident is very unfortunate. We express our condolences to those families. There should be a high-level investigation into this incident.

Mr Baij further said that, does the government take action on such incidents that have happened from time to time? Does it investigate? This is the biggest question. The government and the Chief Minister have many important departments. Which can do a lot for the people of the state. But the Chief Minister is only busy in garnering praise from the central government. He does not pay attention to the people of the state. That is why such incidents are happening in the state.

What concrete steps were taken in the Kawardha road accident

19 people were killed in the Kawardha road accident. Referring to this accident, PCC Chief Deepak Baij said that, I want to ask about the Kawardha case, your Home Minister went there, Forest Minister went there. All of you expressed condolences on social media and finished it. What concrete decision was taken to stop such incidents? The government should tell this. The government is limited to expressing condolences and the government does not have any concrete planning. He further said that, unfortunately, the Transport Department is with the Chief Minister himself. The Transport Department is only a department of recovery and is the mastermind in recovery. The government should take strict initiatives to stop such incidents.

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