Politics on encounter: BJP attacks Congress, Sharma said- they are declaring Naxalites innocent, we will make the state Naxal-free

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Raipur. A press conference was organized at the BJP Ekta campus in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, on Saturday. On Saturday, BJP state vice-president and former MLA Shivratan Sharma said that a major incident has taken place at a gunpowder factory in Bemetara district today. I express grief over that.

Referring to the Jheeram Ghati massacre, he said that the Jheeram Ghati incident took place on 25 May 2011. In which many senior Congress leaders were killed. PCC Chief Deepak Baij in his press conference is calling the Naxalites killed in the Pidia encounter innocent. After the BJP government was formed in Chhattisgarh, we have decided that we will make the state Naxal-free within 2 years. The result is in front of everyone in which such a large number of Naxalites have been killed within 4 months.

Congress leaders stand with Naxalites

Referring to Naxal commander Hidma, Mr. Sharma said that Hidma’s mother also lived in the village, which means Hidma was also innocent. Whenever Naxalites are killed, some Congress leader stands up. When 29 Naxalites were killed, former CM Bhupesh Baghel raised questions. Congress formed a committee on the Pidia incident and called it fake. Congress has worked to weaken the morale of the security forces. What is Congress’s thinking on Naxalism is still not clear. Former CM says that the truth of the Jheeram incident is in the pocket. Find out where is that evidence.

Many big leaders of Congress take support of Naxalism in elections

BJP state vice president Shivratan Sharma, while accusing the Congress, said that, in reality, the big leaders of Congress get the support of Naxalism in elections. Therefore, their feelings towards Naxalites are clear. When there is an airstrike in the Pulwama incident or when there is a surgical strike, then the Congress leaders come forward to ask for proof. I want to ask PCC chief Deepak Baij that, how many times have the security forces personnel been killed. When so many innocent people are killed and when the soldiers are martyred, why do they not form a committee.

Congress came with the government

Mr Sharma further said that Congress should clarify whether it wants to end Naxalism or not. Why don’t they walk hand in hand with the government? There are many such topics to do politics on. Today is the date when big Congress leaders were killed in Jheeram Valley. I expect from Congress that in the coming times, they will stand with the state government for the end of Naxalism.

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