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Power Center: 'Pani-Tel'..'Angad Ka Paav'..'Rahul's Entry'..'Amresh is returning'..'Ek Afsar Aur'..'Zubaani Jang'..- Ashish Tiwari

Column By- Ashish Tiwari, Resident Editor


Government is government and party is party. The party generally has no place in the government. Leaders elected from the party run the government. The organization's consultation may definitely take place behind the scenes. But it would be a big mistake to make the mistake of evaluating the organization i.e. the party separately from the recently elected government. The organization did not delay at all in raising its eyes on some decisions of the government. The result is that the government is also now moving forward slowly. Recently, a case of hiring a PA in the private establishment of a minister came to light. A person aspiring to become a PA approached the minister with the recommendation of a senior leader of the organization. He got the post of minister in his first term in the legislature. The responsibility of the position could not be handled. When that person was appointed as PA, the minister flatly refused saying that he did not like him. The matter reached the leader of the organization. The leader said- He also did not like many of the faces included in the cabinet, but they have to be kept to create harmony. There is talk that information about this matter reached Delhi. The minister was summoned from Delhi. It was learned that on the recommendation of the organization, the minister had appointed the same person as PA who was sent by the leader. However, the reality is that no matter how much oil is mixed with water, it still remains separated. No attempt can be made to mix it. In the system, government is in place of water, organization is in place of oil.

'Angad's foot'

An officer's foot has become like Angad's foot. The previous government had given post retirement posting. When a new government came to the state, discussions started that it would be removed now and then. But two months passed. Let alone removal, there is not even any suggestion of removal. This is till recently when the demand for removal of contractual officers from the entire state has gained momentum. That's why people in the administrative department have started saying that instead of being an officer, Angad has become a slave. A news broke out in the discussion of some subordinate officers. It was heard that a contract officer asked for Rs 15 lakh in return for a posting in some district of Bastar. The District Collector needed the posting, but when this news reached him, he too was astonished. Now this matter has created an uproar in the entire administrative community.

'Rahul's entry'

Rahul Bhagat, who was a subordinate officer of Vishnudev Sai when he was Union Minister during the days of Central Deputation, has entered the CM Secretariat. After Vishnudev Sai took oath, there was a discussion going on that Sai would take him in his secretariat. Bhagat is a 2005 batch IPS. Is experienced. While living in Delhi, he is aware of the rules and regulations there, obviously this will help Sai. After the entry of Rahul Bhagat, there are now three secretaries in the secretariat. P Dayanand of 2006 batch and Basava Raju of 2007 batch are already posted as secretaries. This is the first time after the formation of the state, when an IPS has been made a part of the CM Secretariat. It is now being said in the bureaucracy that the IPS lobby is becoming equal to the IAS. 2006 batch IPS Mayank Srivastava is working as Public Relations Commissioner.

'Amresh is returning'

2005 batch IPS Amresh Kumar Mishra is returning to the home cadre. At present, Amresh will be the only officer who has been relieved by the Center even before the completion of his deputation period. On the demand of Sai government, the central government has ended the deputation of Amresh Kumar Mishra and allowed him to return. Recently, the Home Department had written a letter to the Central Government requesting that Amresh Mishra be relieved. Amresh has worked as SP in districts like Dantewada, Korba, Durg and Raipur. In 2019 he went on central deputation. Meanwhile, he had also turned to Harvard University. He returned from Harvard six months ago. Was working as DIG in NIA. Amresh is recognized as a flamboyant and clean image officer. He is coming back on the choice of the state, obviously he can be brought in an important role. There is a strong discussion that he can be posted as Chief in EOW-ACB.

'One more officer…'

Now OP formula seems to be working in bureaucracy. After playing a long innings of 13 years as a bureaucrat, OP Chaudhary had joined BJP. He got the ticket as soon as BJP came. Contested elections, but had to face defeat. Victory came after five years of hard work. Became a minister in the government. Made his mark as one of the strongest faces in the state BJP organization. After OP, many officers took the political path, but after retirement. However, now another officer in the bureaucracy is preparing to leave the job and play his political innings. When to start politics now? Its multiplication is going on. It is understood that the officer has expressed his intentions to many big leaders of a political party. The social equation is also in favor of the officer. The political understanding of the officer coming from Durg division is considered good. At the time of elections, when a large section of officers used to say that Congress is returning with 52 seats, then this officer had claimed in many different meetings that BJP government will be formed with 55 seats. At present the job is going on. Let's see when we will be seen hitting fours and sixes in Sisayat Gali.

'the war of the Worlds'

Recently, a big meeting of Congress was held to formulate the strategy for Lok Sabha elections. All big leaders like state in-charge Sachin Pilot, former CM Bhupesh Baghel, leader of opposition Charandas Mahant, state president Deepak Baij were present in the meeting. Meanwhile, there was talk about the face of Raipur Lok Sabha. It is said that meanwhile, a big leader while commenting said that the ticket should be given to the leader who has so far lost the election by the smallest margin in Raipur Lok Sabha. On this comment, another big leader looked sideways and said, people of all sections have tried contesting elections, but did not get success. Kabirpanthis are also in large numbers in Raipur Lok Sabha. Therefore your chances are higher. You yourself should contest the elections. There was a moment of peace in the meeting, but when it ended, all the big leaders were busy discussing the war of words that broke out between the two big leaders…

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