Prime Minister is giving hate speeches against Muslims from every platform: Opposition

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New Delhi. The Opposition on Monday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his “never utter a word against minorities” comment, saying he is “lying” as he makes “hate speeches” against Muslims from every available platform. are giving. Modi has said in an interview to ‘PTI-Video’ that he has never spoken a single word against minorities and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has not only been against minorities today but has never been against them. However, the Prime Minister also said that he is not ready to accept anyone as a “special citizen”.

Reacting to his comment, Communist Party of India (CPI) general secretary D Raja said, “This is completely false. Modi knows what they (BJP) are saying about Muslims. Mangalsutra, who talked about mothers giving birth to more children? “Muslims and other minorities have been insulted and deprived of many legitimate rights.” Raja alleged that BJP-RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) are carrying forward the plan to weaken and ridicule the minorities.

Rajya Sabha member Kapil Sibal said that there is no talk of education and health which will take us towards ‘developed India’, rather Mangalsutra is being discussed. Sibal said, “They do not think about the development of the country, but about the development of their party.” Trinamool Congress MP Sagarika Ghosh also criticized the Prime Minister for his remarks.

He said, “Just when you think he can’t lie anymore, he tells another lie… This is the party that garlanded Bilkis Bano’s rapists, this is the party that beat up the Muslim-cattle trader. -Those who were beaten to death were garlanded. Modi himself talks about ‘shamshan, kabristan’.” Sagarika claimed that Modi has used the most appalling communal language against Muslims, such as when he said that Congress will give the property of Hindus to Muslims.
He said, “He is continuously giving hate speeches against Muslims from every available platform. BJP officials and Sangh Parivar members have attacked Muslims and no action has been taken against those who abuse Muslims. This is a completely anti-Muslim party.”

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Sanjay Singh said the Prime Minister’s comments were ridiculous as he speaks “in the language of hatred on a daily basis”. Singh said, “Not only Hindus and Muslims, he also makes Hindus fight among themselves. First they make Hindus fight with Muslims, then they make Hindus fight with Sikhs, then they make them fight with Christians, then they make them fight with Buddhists, they make Marathas fight with non-Marathas, they make Dalits fight with backward people.” He claimed that BJP is actually ‘Bharatiya Jhagda Party’ and this is their work. DMK spokesperson TKS Elangovan also targeted the Prime Minister and said that the problem with Modi is that his lies get exposed immediately.

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