Prime Minister Modi resigned from his post, the new government will be sworn in on this date…

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the meeting of the Union Cabinet on Tuesday. In this meeting, it was recommended to dissolve the 17th Lok Sabha. The term of the current 17th Lok Sabha was ending on 16 June. After the meeting, Prime Minister Modi reached Rashtrapati Bhavan and submitted his resignation and that of other ministers to President Draupadi Murmu, recommending the dissolution of the Lok Sabha. Which was accepted by President Draupadi Murmu. Also, the President appealed to Narendra Modi to take over the responsibility as the acting Prime Minister till the formation of the next government.

The swearing-in ceremony of the new government may take place on June 8

In the meeting of the Union Cabinet, the results of the Lok Sabha elections and the issue of possible government formation after the BJP-led NDA gets a majority in the House were discussed. The meeting started at 11.30 am at the Prime Minister’s residence. After this meeting, a meeting of the Council of Ministers was also held. According to media reports, a meeting of the parliamentary party will be held on June 7 and the swearing-in ceremony of the new government may take place the next day i.e. on June 8.

The next government of the country will be a coalition

The results of the Lok Sabha elections have been declared and out of 543 Lok Sabha seats, BJP has won 240 seats and Congress has won 99 seats. The BJP-led NDA alliance has won 292 seats and the Congress-led opposition alliance has won 234 seats. It is clear from the results that the next government in the country will be formed by the alliance. There will be a meeting of the NDA on Wednesday regarding the formation of the government. The opposition Indy alliance will also hold a meeting today. Prime Minister Modi is going to become the Prime Minister of the country for the third time, but this time BJP needs the support of the allied parties to run the government. Especially the support of JDU and TDP will be necessary. The opposition alliance can also try to pull JDU and TDP to its side. Although both the parties have made it clear that they will support the NDA, but despite this the opposition alliance is engaged in its efforts.

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