Prime Minister’s sharp attack, said- Where did we lose brother, this is NDA’s great victory; we know how to digest victory

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New Delhi: After being elected the leader of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), acting Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the parliamentary party on Friday. During this, he described the NDA government as the most successful alliance. During this, he fiercely attacked the opposition and their Indy alliance. He also strongly criticized the opposition alliance regarding EVM. Let’s read what PM Modi said…

These people were preparing to take out the bier of EVM
PM Modi said, “When the results of June 4 came, I was busy with work. Later, calls started coming. I said that these figures are correct, tell me whether EVM is alive or dead? Because these people had decided to take away the faith of people from India’s democracy and the process of democracy. They kept abusing EVM continuously. They were preparing to take out the funeral procession of EVM. By evening, their tongues were locked and EVM silenced them. This is the power of democracy and Election Commission. I hope that EVM will not be heard for five years, but if we go in 2029, then perhaps they will start saying EVM again. During the elections, the doors of the Supreme Court were knocked every third day so that the work of the Election Commission could be obstructed. They kept trying to obstruct it. When the elections were at their peak, a large part of the power of the Election Commission was going to the courts. There was so much disappointment in those people. The country will never forgive them.”

They go abroad and say there is no democracy here
He said, “When the Indi alliance used to mention EVMs, I do not see it as an election. I believe that these are people of the third century. They are not ready to accept technology. When we brought UPI, they were not ready to accept it. Aadhaar is the identity of the country, many countries want such a system. They opposed this too. The Indi alliance is against technology. There are attempts to underestimate the strength of India’s democracy in the world. I make a hue and cry that we have democracy here, they go abroad and say that there is no democracy here, Modi has come and sat here. These people conspire to defame India. Now it seems that the world will also be attracted towards our democracy.”

These results are a huge victory for the NDA
PM Modi said, “When the voting process was completed on June 1 and the results came on June 4, in between, the country was thrown into the fire of violence in a planned manner. You first disrespect the democratic system of India, then talk of setting fire. They constantly tried to divide the country. These results are the great victory of the NDA. You saw how everything went on for two days. As if we have lost, we are lost. They actually had to boost the morale of their workers, so they spoke imaginary things. If we look at the figures in the history of the alliance, then this is the strongest government of the alliance. The countrymen know that neither we were defeated, nor are we defeated, but our behavior after June 4 shows our identity that we know how to digest victory. We know that frenzy does not arise in the lap of victory and neither do we have the culture of ridiculing the defeated people.”

How did we lose brother, the total number of seats Congress has in three elections is less than ours
He said, “Ask any child whose government was in power before the Lok Sabha elections, he will say NDA. Whose government was formed after the results, he will say NDA. So where did they lose brother? NDA earlier, NDA today, NDA tomorrow. Even after 10 years, Congress could not cross the 100 mark. If I add the three elections of 2014, 2019, 2024, then we have got more seats in this election than the total seats they have got in these elections. The indie alliance people have no idea. They were sinking earlier, now they are going to sink at a fast pace.”

We will have to wait longer for them to acquire good values
He said, “The Indi alliance does not want to understand the understanding of the common citizens of the country. The common man of India also has an understanding. The one who stays connected to the ground, recognizes the understanding. These people are not there. The behavior of these people after June 4, I hoped that they would respect democracy, but perhaps we will have to wait more for them to develop these values. These are the people who did not respect their Prime Minister, used to tear papers. I was missing quality debates, it seems that now that lack will not be felt. Even though they are in the opposition, they are not the opposition of the nation. They are in our opposition. We have no ruling party or opposition in the nation. This 2024 mandate is repeatedly reinforcing one thing that in today’s environment, the country has faith only in NDA.”

His name has been changed, but his identity is that of scams
PM Modi said that the Congress-led UPA changed its name to improve its image, but its identity is of scams. Even after changing the name, the country has not forgotten their scams, it has rejected them. Due to the single-point agenda of opposing one person of the NDA alliance, the public has again put them in the opposition. The NDA went to the election with the resolve of a developed India and positive thinking, whereas the people who were in front of us used to spread misconceptions and lies. Even when we go to the nomination, we will see that see each of our scenes and see each of their scenes. They came to take pictures, announced the alliance, but kept fighting among themselves in so many states. Now they are saying that the alliance was only for the Lok Sabha elections. The disintegration has started. They were trying to support each other only for the comforts of power.

People are standing in queues outside Congress offices
He said, “These people have been lying. During elections, they distributed pamphlets to mislead the citizens. For the last two days, I have been seeing people standing in queues at Congress offices saying, ‘This is a pamphlet, bring one lakh rupees.’ That is, how did you fool the public? Now they are being pushed around. This is an insult to the poor of the country. The country neither forgets nor forgives such acts. It is a matter of satisfaction for us that we worked with commitment. We brought 25 crore people out of poverty.”

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