Pune car accident: Ajit Pawar calls allegations against MLA Sunil baseless…

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Pune: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Saturday said that baseless allegations are being levelled against Pune MLA Sunil Tingre by linking him to the Porsche car accident in which two software engineers were killed.

Tingre is associated with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) led by Pawar and represents Pune’s Wadgaon Sheri constituency in the Assembly. Earlier it was alleged that Tingre intervened after the accident to ensure that the police dealt well with the teenager who was allegedly driving the ‘Porsche’ car at the time of the accident.

When asked about Tingre’s name coming up in connection with the case, Pawar told reporters, “Sunil Tingre is the MLA of the area where the incident took place. Whenever such incidents happen, the local MLA visits the spot. Did Sunil Tingre try to suppress the matter? The allegations against him are baseless.”

When asked if he called Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar after the incident, Pawar said, “I often call the Police Commissioner on various issues but I did not make a single call to him in this case.”

Two IT professionals were killed in a Porsche car accident in Kalyani Nagar, Pune in the wee hours of May 19. The car was allegedly being driven by a teenager. Police claim that the teenager was drunk. The car hit the two-wheeler of these professionals.

Pawar said Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who is in charge of the home department, directed the Pune police to conduct a thorough investigation after the incident. “The chief minister (Eknath Shinde) has also given the right instructions. Action has been taken against those police officers who initially delayed the process. Those from Sasoon General Hospital who were involved in this also faced police action,” he said.

In the Porsche case, the minor has been sent to a correctional home till June 5 while his father Vishal Agarwal and grandfather Surendra Agarwal have been arrested for allegedly abducting the family driver and pressuring him to take responsibility for the accident.

The police have also arrested two doctors and another employee of Sasoon Hospital for replacing the minor’s blood sample with that of his mother. The blood samples were replaced to show that the minor was not drunk at the time of the accident.
The teenager’s mother has been arrested.

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