Rahul Gandhi narrowly escaped falling, the stage started collapsing during the public meeting in Paliganj…

The Uncut

PatnaDuring Rahul Gandhi’s public meeting in Paliganj, a part of the stage suddenly collapsed. Rahul Gandhi was on the stage with the leaders of the Indi alliance when this incident happened. However, RJD candidate Misa Bharti and her bodyguards took care of him in time. After this, Rahul Gandhi said that I am absolutely fine.

No power can even touch our constitution

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi had talked about giving jobs to two crore youth. The result of his policy is that the youth cannot get jobs in this country. By bringing the Agniveer scheme in the army, the poor were made helpless. As soon as the Indy alliance government is formed on June 4, the Agniveer scheme will be torn and thrown in the dustbin. We do not want two types of martyrs. We do not want this injustice. That is why we are going to end the Agniveer scheme. Recruitment will be done in the same way as it was done earlier. This election is an election of the Constitution. This is the first election where BJP leaders said that we will tear the Constitution and throw it away. I want to say that no power in the world can even touch our Constitution.

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