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Raipur: ‘New employment opportunities are coming from Gothans’

Raipur: ‘Women are improving their future by staying in the village’ Gothan established under the Gram Suraji Yojana under the direction of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has now become synonymous with livelihood promotion and economic empowerment. The means and opportunities of employment are increasing due to the multi activities conducted in Gothans, as well as women are now strengthening their economic condition by staying in the village itself. Rural women are no longer limited to household chores, but are helping in maintaining the family and economic self-reliance by raising means of income.

Under the State Government’s Gram Suraji Yojana, the Gauthans built in every village are now presenting a new picture. Various activities are being organized in these Gauthans from keeping the cattle safe. Livelihood is being promoted from cow dung here. Sirpur village of Mahasamund district comes under Saraipali district panchayat. Four years back, 10 women of Kasturba Self Help Group had decided to work in Gothan. Today she is earning an income of lakhs of rupees by selling cow dung and making vermicompost. Along with this, income oriented activities like vegetable garden, poultry farming are also being adopted. The member of the group told that earlier she was confined to the hearth and fours of the house but after joining the group and working in Gothan, a new thinking has developed. Now through Gothan, she is moving towards self-reliance.

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