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Ram and Priya finally get married but Kirti decides to ruin Priya’s life

In the upcoming track of Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3, we see that finally the wedding day will come and Priya (Disha Parmar) will wear a pink suit and also Ram will wear a cream kurta and pink dupatta. Shalini Kapoor is very emotional to see Ram (Nakul Mehta). Later on, we may see Ram dream that he will say the truth about Kirti and him to Shalini and his mother gets an attack. Well, this is only the dream of Ram later on, we see that everybody waiting for Priya on mandap and she runs to her clinic because, in her clinic, we see a 7-year-old girl waiting for her because the little girl is suffering from pain and Priya reached to treat her. Well, we see Ram is also going behind Priya in her clinic, and he will take Priya with him. Once again Ram is very impressed with Priya, even Aalekha will also trust Priya and start having doubts about Yuvraj (Akshit Sukhija), and soon we may see that Aalekha will call off her engagement.

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