Ruckus over caste certificates: Former CM Baghel said- BJP is an anti-backward class government

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BJP government is misleading in the name of investigation- Bhupesh Baghel

In the matter of investigation of caste certificates in Chhattisgarh, former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that the BJP government is an anti-ST, SC, OBC government. Ever since the BJP government has come to power, the issuance of caste certificates has stopped. Vijay Sharma should tell even one complaint and also tell on what basis the investigation will be done. The BJP government only wants to mislead in the name of investigation.

Victims did not get justice

11 years have passed since the Jheeram attack, but the victims have not got justice. In this case, former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that our government is going to be formed at the center, NIA will investigate in the right direction. The BJP government has always tried to stop the investigation of Jheeram. The people of that time had a role, so the investigation is not being allowed. We have tried to talk to NIA several times about the file for the investigation of Jheeram and also raised the issue in front of Home Minister Vijay Sharma, but BJP did not allow the investigation to happen.

Take care of your district…talk after that

Regarding Jheeram, Vijay Sharma had said that he will extract evidence from Bhupesh Baghel’s pocket. Countering this, Bhupesh Baghel said that how can you put your hands on someone’s neck. When the road accident happened, there was no electricity in the village hospital for three hours. There was not a single doctor in the hospital, not even staff. Most of the incidents are happening in Kawardha district. Vijay Sharma should first take care of his district, then talk.

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