Sale of breast milk is not allowed, action will be taken against violators

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New Delhi. Food regulator FSSAI has warned food business operators against the sale of breast milk and directed licensing authorities not to issue approval for processing and sale of human milk. Amid complaints that some entities are selling breast milk in the open market, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an advisory on ‘unauthorised commercialisation of human milk and its products’ and also said that it has not permitted any such sale.

The regulator said in an advisory dated May 24, “This office has been receiving representations from various registered societies regarding the commercialisation of human milk and its products. In this regard, it may be noted that FSSAI has not permitted the processing and/or sale of human milk under the FSS Act 2006 and rules made thereunder.” In an advisory issued to the Food Safety Commissioners of states and Union Territories, the monitoring body has also advised that all such activities related to the commercialisation of human milk and its products should be stopped immediately.

The regulator said, “Any violation of this may result in initiation of action against the FBO (food business operators) as per the FSS Act, 2006 and rules/regulations made thereunder.” Apart from this, FSSAI has asked the state and central licensing authorities to ensure that no license or registration is given to such FBOs involved in the processing or sale of ‘mother’s milk / human milk’.

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